Awainnova covers the needs of all industries

Our plants guarantee you comply with environment law and health standards for the industry. 

We have an specific solution for each sector

Dehumidify and cleaning of these products, retrieving their physical and chemical properties and their economical value.

Lubricant oils and fuels
Congenital waters

Usually, they appear as a subproduct of hydrocarbons and contain harmful minerals for the environment

Oils used in the electric - optic industry, is highly dangerous and carcinogenic.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCD’s)

Waste generated by hospitals and laboratories with chemical - pharmaceutical pollutants.

Biotoxics of the health sector
Hydrocarbons spillings

Sea water, fresh water or polluted soils by the spilling of hydrocarbons.


The treatment of these liquids complicate because they envelop the digestive bacterias from traditional treatment plants, which destabilizes them.

Greases and diluted flours

Liquids usually generated by the decomposition process of organic waste, they’re highly corrosive and acidic.

Leached liquids
Mining industry waste

Highly concentration of dissolved metals such as lead, zinc, iron, manganese, arsenic, mercury, selenium, nickel, cadmium, among others.

Dairy serum

Dairy serums hinder the treatment of water, it represents one of the principal problems of the dairy industry.


Highly toxic waste result of the distillation of sugars, fermentation and production of alcoholic beverages, with an elevated acidity level, alkalinity and BOD.

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